Monday, February 28, 2011

Guess What!

So guess what, people? I have a package coming to my house in five to eight buisness days! I bet you can guess where the package is coming from, but what I bet you can't guess is what's in it! Feel free to prove me wrong and guess what it is! (This is just for fun, there's no prize for guessing it right, except bragging rights ;)

PS: Hint in the label!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

World Wide Visitors!

Hey! I was just looking at my stats and saw that I had a couple of visitors from foreign countries, like China and Switzerland! I, of course, appreciate all of my readers no matter where they are in the world, but I just find it cool that people from all over are enjoying American Girl World. So thanks to all of my readers, especially those from far away. And I just realized that I have not thanked my three most recent followers, so thank you Ceara, Sophia and Elena Mulligan! Welcome to the site!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Photoshoot!

Hello! It's Kirsten. Yesterday we had a St. Patrick's Day photoshoot, as you can tell from the title. I know it's a little early for St. Patrick's day, but Katie's Irish and you know how they can get. :) Anyway, we decided we should all dress in green, which was a bit of a challenge, but we pulled it off. I'm going to narrate what's going on, so let's get started! (Some of the pictures turned out fuzzy- sorry)

"Where are Kit, Kailey and Emily?" Chrissa asks, well demands. "We agreed to meet by the green chair at Four o'clock, well it's four o three."

Then we see our friends. "Hi!" Emily calls. "What are you wearing?!?!?!" Chrissa shrieks.

"Kailey! You're wearing shorts and tights?" "Well, yeah. This was the only green thing I had, and I didn't want my legs to get cold."

"Emily, why are you wearing Kirsten's woolen socks?!" "Well the one has green on it, and I couldn't find the other. I hope you don't mind that I borrowed them, Kirsten." "Oh, it's fine," I assure her.

"Really, Kit! Socks with sandals?! That's the biggest fashion faux pas ever!" Kit shrugged. "I didn't was my feet to get cold."

Chrissa pretended to faint. I tried to catch her but accidentally missed. Oops.

Then we did this really cool thing that I cannot begin to describe. Chrissa refused to be next to one of the girls wearing 'outfits so unfashionable we should call the fashion police'. I think she's been looking at Cristal at Our Dolls a little too much. Hehehe . . . .

I love this picture so much!

"Heheheh, I'm quite the gymnist," Kailey says.


"I think I'll be Pipi Longstocking for Halloween next year," Molly giggles.

"Oh wait, you're taking the picture now?" (Sorry about the clothes pin)

"Just showing off the extent of my green outfit," Emily says proudly.


I kinda fell asleep. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


Pyramid time! Do you like Katie's bag in the background?

"I'm so glad I'm not on the bottom." "Me, too, Chrissa."

"Ugh, why did I agree to be on the top?!" (Molly's not too fond of heights.)

Thanks for looking!
~Kirsten Victoria Larson~

Hey guys! It's Katie here for just a quick second. I have awesome news: I finished taking pictures for my play! That means that Emma from My American Girl will get to see it as soon as I finish writing it (probably Saturday) and the rest of my awesome readers will get to see it two weeks after that.


Monday, February 21, 2011

My American Girl Design An Outfit Contest Entry!

Super long title says it all. I designed an explorer outfit! Here are pics:

Here's the bulk of the outfit. You can kinda see my writing, but not really. The pants are capri-length cargo pants that have ties at the hem. The t-shirt is a tank that is nice and lightweight, and the hat is cowboy-style..

This outfit would come with dark brown hiking boots.

What's an outfit without accessories?! This one would come with binoculars, a deadly accurate compass, a pocket-sized guide to US birds, and a big water jug with a shoulder strap. All vitally important tools when exploring the Amazon or the nearby woods.

What do you think?

Check out my new poll and the new background! New header pic soon!


Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hello people of the world! It's Chrissa! Valentine's Day is officially my favorite holiday because today I found not one, not two, but FOUR Valentines from cute boys taped to my locker!!!!!! Is that awesome or is that awesome? Anyway, since you're probably not that interested in my personal life, here's some website news:
The last poll closed! As you can see, Historical Characters are the favorite of American Girl World readers. Katie's going to put up a new one soon, once she gets an idea.

So far as Beauty and The Beast: The musical won't be posted for awhile because Katie hasn't finished it yet! :( I know it's been a long time, and she and I appologize, but Katie has been extremely busy lately.

Thanks for reading, and once again Happy Valentine's Day.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I'm sorry, I haven't been a very good blogger lately. I can't believe I haven't updated in a week and a half! As I said, I'm very sorry. I've been super busy with homework, piano, sewing, volleyball, etc. Plus, I've been working on Beauty and The Beast as quickly as I can so I can send it to Emma (who won my contest) and then show it to the rest of my amazing readers later. That's been taking up most of my doll time. So, once again, sorry and I'll hopefully be updating more soon. For now, here are my favorite retired modern girl AG outfits. (All of these photos belong to, not me)

This is the slumber party gear and bear from 1996, that's before I was born! I love the mini twister (One of my favorite games!)

Midevel Princess outfit from 1998. I wish they still made lots of Halloween costumes, and doesn't this look really well made?

Such an adorable school outfit! I especially love the skirt. It's  the Plaid Skirt and Sweater outfit from 1999

Purple is my favorite color, and it looks great on this doll! The shirt is the best. This is the denim jumper outfit from 2001.

This is my last favorite, the Grecian Princess Costume from 2004. Isn't it awesome? I love the headdress to peices!

What's your favorite retired AG outfit(s)?