Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hello people of the world! It's Chrissa! Valentine's Day is officially my favorite holiday because today I found not one, not two, but FOUR Valentines from cute boys taped to my locker!!!!!! Is that awesome or is that awesome? Anyway, since you're probably not that interested in my personal life, here's some website news:
The last poll closed! As you can see, Historical Characters are the favorite of American Girl World readers. Katie's going to put up a new one soon, once she gets an idea.

So far as Beauty and The Beast: The musical won't be posted for awhile because Katie hasn't finished it yet! :( I know it's been a long time, and she and I appologize, but Katie has been extremely busy lately.

Thanks for reading, and once again Happy Valentine's Day.



Emma said...

Happy Valentines Day! I can't wait until Katie finishes the musical!

Emma said...

Woo hoo Chrissa! Those boys sure did choose the right girl! :) I'm glad you had a awesome valentine's Day! Keep up the fabulous posts,

~*Emma and her dolls*~