Friday, April 29, 2011


Sorry I haven't been updating lately. This is due to a lack of ideas!!! Ugh, it's like all the creativity has been sucked out of me by a giant vaccum cleaner! Forgive the totally irrational randomness. Anyway, today I was trying to take pics for PPAG, but I can't think of a modern celebrity that inspires me!!! (Or Chrissa for that matter!) So, if anybody has ideas for posts or knows about a really inspirational celebrity, I'd appreciate a comment!

Also, thank you to my numerous new followers! You guys rock!!!!!


PS: Here's a poem:
When I Misplace My Brain
When I misplace my brain,
I feel quite insane.
I can't think straight,
And I just can't wait,
To find it again.
Once it was stolen by men
Who ate with their feet
And each other they beat.
They couldn't find their minds, you see,
That's why they took mine from me.
Ah, here's my brain,
It's behind the whole grain!
Thank goodness it's found,
Or else I'd be bound
For who knows where,
But it wouldn't be nice, I declare!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Molly's Birthday Party

Hi everyone! It's Molly and today I celebrated my Birthday! It was really on friday, but my friends and I decided to celebrate it today because friday was Good Friday. My party didn't quite start out the way I had planned. You see . . . .

"Oh no!" I cried this morning, "It's raining out, but I was going to have my party outside!!!!"

Suddenly, Katie walked up. "What's wrong, Molly?" she asked. "I was going to have my Birthday party outside today, but it's raining! Emily and I are going back to the 1940's tomorrow to see our families, so the party has to be today! Plus, everyone dressed up in 40's clothing to celebrate!" I explained in a panic.

"If you and the rest of the girls are good, you can have your party in our basement, if you want," Katie said kindly, taking my hand. I was really excited, I'd never been to the human part of the campus before! "Oh, we'll be good," I said quickly, "I promise!"

First my friends and I decided to play rock band. This was quite difficult as the instruments are made for human-sized players. They should really accomodate those who are vertically challenged, like us.

I was in charge of the red and yellow parts of the drums. When one of those colors came across the screen, I kicked the right pad/button thing with my foot. 

Emily was in charge of the blue and green part of the drum. She used a drumstick for the green part.

Kirsten was in charge of the orange part, but I don't think she really got the game. She didn't do so well, but that also could have been due to the fact that she couldn't see the screen.

Chrissa sang, of course, and she did really awesome! She even saved Kirsten, Emily and me at one point when we failed. She had to sing really loud for the human microphone to pick up her voice, but she managed.

Kit was in charge of strumming the guitar at the right time. She also hit the whami (sp?) bar during long notes.

Kailey was in charge of pressing the right buttons on the guitar. She was incredible! She claimed to have never played before, but I'm not sure I believe her.

Next we played hide and seek. Kirsten voluntered to be it. "1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-skip-a-few-100!" she yelled then ran to try to find us.

She found Kailey first. As you can see, she had a little trouble getting into her hiding place, one of Katie's sewing bags. Psst, Kailey, next time you wear a skirt, you might want to wear a pair of shorts underneath!

To Kailey's delight, Kirsten found Chrissa next, wedged between the trash and recycling cans.

Then the three out them found Emily underneath the pool table.

I though I was going to win, but then Kirsten found me over by the paper recycling bag. We searched for Kit, but couldn't find her. Finally, Kirsten called, "Ollie-ollie-oxen-free!"

"Here I am!" Kit said with a giggle, peering out from her hiding place behind the display shelves. We all agreed that was an awesome hiding spot, though we can't hide there anymore, because now it's the first place anyone will look!

Then I had to get a couple pictures of Kailey, Chrissa and me because when we're all in 40's clothes like we are here, I think we look like Linda, Susan and me. Don't you agree?

Neither picture turned out very good, but that's okay. After taking pictures, we all watched my movie. Then we had to go back to our part of the campus. This was the best birthday ever!!!!

~Molly McIntire~

PS: Look on the Doll Profiles Page, Katie changed my age!!!!!

PPS: Katie here now. I thought you might want to see some pics of my 11 year old bitty baby, Robby!

Here he's on a display shelf that I have (I'll show you some more pics of the shelf soon!) in a cradle I made about three years ago.

Isn't he so cute? He's missing some of his eyelashes, but I love him anyway. I still have his original meet sleeper, which he's wearing though you can't see it. Thanks for looking!


Happy Easter!!!!!!

Isn't this bunny adorable? From this website

I love Winnie the Pooh! From this website

A very eccentric bunny! From this website

Tiger is my favorite Winnie the Pooh character! From this website

Gotta love Peeps! From this website

Happy Easter, everyone! From this website


Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Good Friday!

'For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten son so that whoever believes in him shall not perish, but shall have eternal life.' ~ John 3:16

One of the most commonly known verses of the Bible, and yet a very powerful one. I hope everyone had a wonderful day today. I did, I performed in a play at my church's Tenebrae service.

Because it's almost Easter, I got to thinking about the things I'm thankful for (because most of all, I'm thankful that Jesus died and rose to save me). Here are some of the things I'm thankful for:

1. Dolls
3. My 12 WONDERFUL followers!
4. My great friends I've made through this blog
5. Pictures that turn out fantastic
6. Fun contests
7. Random posts
8. The online AG community

What are YOU thankful for?

Thanks for reading and have a happy and blessed Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter!

~Katie, Molly, Emily, Kit, Kailey, Chrissa and Kirsten~

PS: Today was Molly's birthday! Since it is also Good Friday, we decided to wait untill Sunday to celebrate it! Check back then for pics of the great party we're planning!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

PPAG Entry (Round 2!)

The theme for this round is 'Easter' and 'Earthday'. I tried to capture both in all of my photos. Here are the ones I took:

I love that cross decoration!

I especially like this one!

I don't really like this one.

Do you see Chrissa? (She's there, I promise!)

There she is!

Ugh, get that branch out of her face!!!!

I ADORE this one!

Very Easter-ish.

Just chilling with some flowers.

Still chilling.

Close-up of chilling.

Not done chilling yet.

Here are the three I am entering:

Third Favorite:
I like the way her hair looks in this one. I also really like her pose and the flowers look cool, too.

 Second Favorite:
Like I said earlier, I really like this decoration, and I like Chrissa's pose. I think it represents Easter well through the lilies, and Earth Day well through the fact that it's made out of plants.

 Absolute Favorite:
I ADORE just about everything about photo. I think the lighting's cool, her hair's great, and I love her pose, too!

Thanks for reading and good luck to everyone in PPAG!!!


PS: Check back exactly two weeks from today for Beauty and the Beast!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New Blog Look and Poll!

Hello people of the world! It's Kailey here to tell you all about what's going on here at Pleasant View Academy, plus some new blog stuff. First off, the swimming season ended this past weekend. Chrissa did really well and even got mentioned in the local newspaper! (Of course, that happens to me all the time.) Molly started training for a horse show, I think she said it's in May. It's finally starting to get warm here! I wasn't so sure spring had truly sprung because of the snow and freezing temps. Anyway, as you can see there's a new blog background, plus a new poll! What's YOUR favorite spring holiday? Let us know!

Peace out!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Entry To Gabby's Contest (Round One)!

The theme for this round is Red. When I first saw it, one thing popped into my head: Memorial Day! I think it's a very important holiday, because it honors troops. Anyway, I thought about how cool it would be spend Memorial Day at the boardwalk, so that's where this photoshoot is supposed to take place. Chrissa had an awesome time, and so did I. I was sooo happy because it's super warm out today!

Here are the photos I'm considering entering:

I like the color red, but I didn't want to overwork it, so I used white and blue in the outfit too (hey, I'm Dr. Sues!) since they're also patriotic colors. This pic isn't my favorite.

I like the way the shadow falls on her face in this picture.

I like this one alot, too.

This one is okay, but . . .

I like this one better.

Chrissa likes to rollar skate up and down the board walk and window shop in all of the souvenier stores.

I can't get over the shadow in this one! I love it so much!

Time to wind down after a busy day at the boardwalk.

I liked the first one better.

Of these, here are my three favorite:

First favorite:
Why I Like It: The shadow. Plus, I like the was the light's shining on her leg. To me, it looks like a sun-block covered leg shining in the sunlight.

Second Favorite:
Why I Like It: I like the dark shadow behind her, and how this photo isn't quite as bright as some of the others. To me, this makes it look like the sun is just starting to go down, perfect for a pic of her napping.

Third Favorite:
Why I Like It: I think it looks very realistic. The shell's the right scale to be a sovenier, the rollar skates look good, and I like the bottom of these sandals. I know that's a little weird, but I do.


This is how I set up the photoshoot on my deck. You can't really see in the pictures, but I used the spray bottle to mist Chrissa so that it's look like she just came out of the ocean.

"LET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!!!!!" :) Hehehehe.