About Me

Hi! My name is Katie, and I run this blog. I do not wish to share my last name or a picture of me, but that's just for privacy reasons. What I will tell you is that I am a HUGE American Girl fan and have been for ten years now. Here's a little bit about how I got into AG . . . .

I was 'a goner' to AG when I turned three and got my first Bitty Baby, Robby. Yes, I know that's a boy's name, and in fact I made him a boy. I put him in all the pretty dresses anyway. :) I still have him, another Bitt Baby named Jane, and a first edition Bitty Twin set named Shannon and Kevin. However, I have only kept them for sentimental reasons and don't use them in pictures.

For my fifth birthday, I got Molly. For all the stuff she's been through (I have an older brother. 'nuff said) she still looks really good. Her limbs are a bit loose, but that's to be expected in a doll that's eight years old. Two years later, I got Kailey for Christmas, I got Kit the next year, and Emily the next. In 2008 I bought Kirsten with my own money, and Chrissa was a special gift in 2009. All of them are special to me for different, unique reasons. I do not have a favorite, so don't ask me for one.

Ever since I got Molly, I have loved all things AG, especially the accessories. I have accumulated tons of clothes, shoes, hat, mittens, etc. in the past eight years, and now I even make my own doll clothes. (Most of what I've made is summer stuff, which is why you haven't seen it much) If you look in 'A Christmas Carol', the dress Emily is wearing as Mrs. Scrooge was made by me. :) The doll play I made was inspired by my love for theater, and I have future plays planned.

Well, that's me, Katie. Bye!