Sunday, December 18, 2011

Another Holiday Tag

I saw this tag on Priya's blog and thought it looked fun!

-What is your favorite December Holiday decoration?
Lights! My dad and I put some up on our front porch the weekend after Thanksgiving, and we put more on the tree last night.
- Do you have your decorations up yet?
Some of them; the lights are up but we haven't put ornaments on the tree yet.
- When do you start listening to Xmas carols and setting up?

The day after Thanksgiving.
- When did you get your tree (if you have one..)?

The day after Thanksgiving (It's a family tradition!) :)
- How do you celebrate BEFORE Christmas?

We go to the candle light service at my church (which is tonight!) and listen to Christmas songs.
- Do you have any advent calendars?

Yes, five!
- What do your dolls do to celebrate?

They like to stand in holiday scenes, and ussually the drama club does something (*hint, hint* ;)

Also, I entered the Holiday photo contest at Our Dolls! Please vote for me, I'm the non-adult Katie!

Thanks for looking!!!! :)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Priya's Holiday Foodie Tag!!

Hey guys! I just realized Priya tagged me a couple of days ago! The tag looked really fun, so here goes!

1. What’s your favorite holiday food?
Hmmmm, I'm going to have to go with my Grandma's sugar cookies. There're really yummy and we decorate them with colored sugar or cinnamon sugar (depending on what color we want) My mom and I made some last weekend and we finished them already! She said maybe we can make some next weekend. :)

2. Eggnog or hot cocoa?
Hot cocoa, especially Ghirrideli (forgive the terrible spelling). There's nothing like playing outside in the snow and then coming in to a warm cup of hot chocolate. :)

3. Have you ever eaten a non-dessert dish shaped as a holiday symbol (Christmas tree, menorah, etc.)?
Yes! I ate Christmas tree and Snowman shaped bagels once. They were really yummy! :)

4. Do you know what a latke is? If so, have you ever eaten one?
I do know what a latke is, but I always pronounce it wrong and then my Jewish friends laugh at me, lol :). I have eaten many latkes and they are very yummy!

5. What is the first food-and-holiday-related word that comes to your mind?
Milk and cookies :)

6. What is your favorite holiday food to cook with your family/friends?
My Grandma's sugar cookies. They're the kind you use cookie cutters for, and I love, love, LOVE cutting them out. :) I may be a teenager but I'm a four-year-old at heart :)

I tag Emma S., Emma Wright, Hannah Wright, and anybody who got hungry while reading this!

ONLY 14 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!! :D :D :D (Like I said, 4-year-old at heart)

Bye! Thanks for reading!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas!

Hey guys! It's only 15 days until Christmas!

I thought I'd show everyone who didn't get to see it last year my doll play that I did last year! I did 'A Christmas Carol'. I think I'm probably going to do another play this year, but it probably won't be quite as long and I may not have time to finish it before Christmas. (Stupid homework and tests!)

Anyway, are your dolls getting ready for Christmas/Chunnakuh? What are they doing?

I found some really cool crafts for the Holiday season:

There are a bunch at Our Dolls. The links weren't working right, but all you have to do to find the crafts is click on  Doll Holidays and Activities , then click on  Current Holiday: Christmas. All of the craft look super fun and easy, but my favorites are the wreaths and the paper chains. :) There are also a bunch of cute photostories about Christmas time.

Doll Menorah! (Just for you, Priya!) This looks really cute and I would definately make one for my dolls if I celebrated Chunnakuh. This craft is from Karen at Doll Diaries.

Thanks for looking!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas is Coming!

Hey! I just set up my doll displays for Christmas and thought I'd share! :) I'll probably recreate one of the scenes in a better place to take a picture for the Our Dolls Christmas photo contest. Here are the scenes:

Molly and Emily hurrying to a holiday party! I LOVE this one so much! Emlily's so coordinated her gift for the hostess matches her dress! : D

I love her hairstyle here soooo much!

I love Molly's coat and earmuffs!

Kit and Kailey are wrapping Christmas presents! (See that wreath there? I made that completely out of beads, safety pins and ribbon last year. It took me FOREVER to make so just had to incorporate it some how!)

Blurry and yet still cute :)

It's so easy to forget how gorgeous Kailey is! (This might be her new profile picture!)

And Kit wanted a close up because everyone else was getting one! (I don't know why her eyes look so weird . . . they don't look like that in real life!) 
And here's my eleven year old bitty, Robby, who I dressed in snow man PJ's.

And the biggest display! (This one took over an hour!)


Their tree! It's tiny, but I set it on a platform to make it look a little bigger. And my mom was sweet enough to pick up some mini ornaments for me earlier this week :)

At the top of the tree we have the cyclops angel (one of her eyes fell off). My mom calls it the winking angel.

Looks like Santa came!!!! : D

And a cute note :)

Thanks for looking, and please comment and say which display is your favorite!

What are YOUR dolls doing for Christmas?


A little late, I know, but I wanted to show you what my dolls dressed up as for Halloween!

Kirsten and Chrissa went as opposites- a cute devil and a modest angel!

Kailey was one of her heroes, Annie Oakly. She was a big trick shooter at the turn of the last century. Google her, she's pretty cool :)

And Sandy went as her horse, hehehe

Kit also went as her hero, who, of couse, is Amelia Earhart.

Molly went as Laura Ingals Wilder.

And Emily went as a French Sailor!

I am quite proud of the French Braids I gave her :)

Group shot!

And another for good measure.

Thanks for looking!

PS: Like the new look?

Sunday, November 6, 2011

I Survived . . . XD

Woah, long time no post! Sorry about that guys, but about a week ago a huge noreaster ripped through my state! The title's mostly a joke, but there was a fatal car accident only about a block from my house.
:( :( :( :(

Anyway, I was mostly letting you guys know I'm still alive. The power was out at my house from early Sunday morning to late Wednesday night. I had a snow day on Halloween :) And the next day too, because there wasn't any power at my school. Anyway, once we got back on Wednesday all of my teachers decided to load us with homework to try to make up for the lost days, hence the lack of posting. As soon as I get some time (maybe Wednesday, we'll see) I'm going to post a photo story I made AGES (well, two weeks) ago. It's for Halloween, so it's a little late, but I thought you guy'd like to see it anyway. :)

Halloween was kinda funny for me because there was snow everywhere while I was trick-or-treating. :) But, since there were still wires down all over the place a lot of kids didn't go this year. :( I went as a pirate named Anne Bonny (real person!) and I carried a stuffed parrot that I named Clyde (get it, Bonny and Clyde?)! My dolls dressed up, too, you'll see their costumes in the photostory!

Bye, guys! Thanks for reading!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Chrissa's Quest To Get a Blog!

Hey readers! It's Chrissa! Remember how I said awhile ago that I reeeeeeeeally want a blog like Katie? Well, she's almost given in! I thought that to show what a responsible blogger I'll be, I'd do a tag just like a real blogger! For simplicity's sake, I'm going to do the one she made awhile ago.

1. My favorite movie is 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire'. Gotta love all those special effects!

2. My favorite book is 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkeban'.

3. My favorite store is the AG store! (No surprise there)

4. My favorite food is s'mores made with a slice of banana in it. (I looked for the picture of me eating one from my book, but I couldn't find it :(

5. My favorite dessert is also s'mores with a slice of banana in it :)

6. My favorite outfit is the one I'm wearing here. It consists of an orange shirt, jeans, a rainbow scarf, a crotched purse and western boots.

7. My favorite TV show is Project Runway and my favorite designer on it is Kimberly, but I like Anya and Anthony Ryan (too bad he got out :( too.

Favorite Kimberly outfit:
Favorite Anya outfit:
Favorite Anthony Ryan outfit:

Apparently I have good taste because all of these outfits won that challenge!

I tag Emma's (From My AG) dolls, Priya's dolls, Emma Wright's dolls, Hannah Wright's dolls, Caelen's Dolls, and any other dolls that think this looks like fun!

Thanks for looking!

(With help from

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Almost a whole year of blogging!

Hey guys! In preparation for my Blog-a-versary, I'm going to share some of the highlights of this past year. Today, to get started, I'm going to share the story of why I started my blog.

Almost two years ago one of my friends, who I used to play American Girl dolls with, gave away most of her stuff. She was really the only person I still played with at this point, so I was really sad. So I was fiddling on the internet one day, and I googled 'American Girl Doll Lovers'. And whoa! I couldn't believe all of the results! The first one that caught my eye was American Girl Fan. I saw the most recent post, which I think might've been the mini adventures of Kaya, I can't really remember, and I was instantly pulled in. I loved these things called photo stories, they were just so cool! Then from the links page on American Girl Fan, I found Our Dolls. I was amazed at the Gothard sisters' collection! I found a bunch of other blogs through comments on American Girl Fan.

Then, about a year ago, my guinea pig, Cookie (short for Lord Cookiemonster of the Guinea Pig Dynasty) died. I was really sad. When I had him, my dad and I had cleaned his cage every Saturday, and it took between an hour and an hour and a half depending on how much Cookie ate that week (if you know what I mean) so I didn't want to be reminded of that every week, so I thought I'd find something else to do on saturdays . . . and American Girl World was born. Believe it or not, my mom came up with the name. :)

Here's the first picture I ever took of an AG doll:
Not half bad, if I do say so myself.

And here's a picture I took of Emily today! I like the lighting in this one better, and I've learned that shadows exist in nature so it's okay to have them (hehe). I also think this picture is softer somehow.
What do you think?

Thanks for reading about the history of American Girl World!

PS: Only 10 posts to go until 100!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Autumn Photo Shoot!!! (Part 2!)

So I didn't think that any of the photos I got the other week were good for the Our Dolls photo contest, and today I just thought Molly would look really good for some reason, so I grabbed her and Kirsten and had another photo shoot! It was a blast, we all had a great time :) I took about fifty (exagerations) pictures, but almost twenty of them were trying to get this one pic, so I deleted all the failures already.

Pumpkins! And Hay!

This one is really round.


Friends forever!

They climbed up into my favorite tree!

Cute Molly.

The way her glasses were shining annoyed me, so I took a pic without them

This could be Molly's new profile pic . . .

Something about this one doesn't seem right . . .


Kirsten in leaves!

Molly in leaves!

Leaves! Again.

And again.

Sweet girlies!

Holding leaves.

Leaves! Again. Again.

A slightly different angle.

Or this could be Molly's new profile pic . . .

Ugh, I don't really like this one.

This one's alright.

Pretend you don't see my neighbor's plastic chair!!! (Oops)

Ditto to above!

Why I took all these leaf pictures: Do you see that one falling? Boo-yah!

I think this one is cute :)

This one, too.

Ahh, relaxin' in the leaves. (This is the last leaf picture, I promise!)

Cutie pie :)

I LOVE the lighting in this one.

Smile, girls!

Comment a smile :) if you think doll feet/shoes are awesome!

After being out in the front garden (which was kinda damp because my dad watered it earlier) Molly and Kirsten had to change, and I thought this was really sweet. (Though they're annoyed at me for taking a picture of them with their underwear showing)

But they still smiled for one final picture anyway. :)

Thanks for looking, guys! As you noticed, I numbered all the photos in the official photoshoot, so if you particularly like a certain one, comment and tell me! I appreciate all help in deciding which one to enter.

Have a great day and a great week!