Other Cool Websites

We all know that there are some great websites about AG out there. Here are some I know, if you know any absolutely amazing ones comment on my most recent post and I'll check the website out and probably add it. If your website is here and, for any or no reason, you'd like me to take it off, just comment on my most recent post and I will respect your wishes. :)

My American Girl - A really cool website run by Emma and her dolls Mia, Felicity and Emily. She posts often about what her dolls are up to and about AG news.

I Heart American Girl - An awesome website that keeps you updated about all things AG and tells your about the author, Gabby's, opinions that make great points.

American Girl Dolls Forever - Yet another great website to keep you up-to-date on all things AG and their dolls, Kaya, Jessie, Samantha, Addy, Ruthie, Kit, Rebecca, Emily, Felicity, Elizabeth, Kailey and Julie. (I wish I had that many dolls!)

AG Fun - A website by Emma and Hannah that has cool photostories and, of course, AG news

American Girl Fan - A website that inspired me to make mine, run by Liz it has photostories about her awesome dolls, Kit, Molly, Elizabeth, Felicity, Addy, Abbey and Mia.

Quinny & Co. - Run by Quinlyn, this great website tells all about her AG dolls, Julie, Kirsten, Leah, Felicity and Elizabeth, as well as her ALOF dolls, Laylie, Millie, Elsie, Kathleen and Violet. I love her Picasa, too.

Our Dolls - This website is run by the Gothard sisters, and it is awesome. I can't tell you how many dolls they have, and this website is all about the world they live in, Pleasant Ville. My favorite doll of theirs is Teresa Berg. :)

My AG and Me - A cool website I just discovered, run by Caelen. She has interviews with other blog owners, and talks about the many observations she makes!

AG Playground- A great website with posts, games, and AG news. She's also a GREAT photographer :)