Sunday, March 27, 2011

I've Been Tagged!

Emma at My American Girl tagged me!

For this tag I say 7 random things about myself. After that, I'll tag other people to do the same.

1. I have braces (currently green for St. Patrick's day)
2. I play the saxophone and hate it and the piano and love it
3. I played Madame de la Grande Bouche in a production of Beauty and the Beast last summer
4. I love to sing :) laaaaa
5. My favorite color is purple (just about all shades except eggplant purple)
6. I play volleyball
7. Ketchup makes me gag.

I tag Quinlyn from, American Girl Dolls Forever, and anybody else who thinks this looks fun!!!!

Don't forget to enter my 10 Followers Scavenger Hunt.


Friday, March 25, 2011

10 Followers Scavenger Hunt Update (and other stuff)

Okay, since I haven't recieved any entries with all the correct answers and only one entry at all, I'm extending the end date of my scavenger hunt. It will continue two more weeks, until April 8. REMINDER: You MUST get ALL the questions right to win the prize, but you may correct any answers I tell you are incorrect. E-mail them to me and I'll tell you which are right and which are wrong. Thank you!

Other news: Today is my birthday!!!! :) I already got a gift card to my favorite fabric store, which will probably go to some type of doll clothing eventually.

Also, sorry for the lack of pictures. I cannot figure out what happened to family's camera!!! I actually have not one, but TWO fully photographed posts, but I haven't uploaded the pics yet due to the fact that I can't find the camera.

And, sorry for the lack of posts in general. I'm getting toward the end of eighth grade, and on top of school work, spring cleaning and a school concert that's looming, I'm in a Good Friday drama for my church (I'm playing the devil!) and my school's play (I'm playing a nurse named Miss De Farge!) so I have lines to memorize for that, and I'm delivering a monologue at Church next week. Thank you for being understanding!

That's about it, hopefully I'll be able to post alot this weekend because I finished all of my weekend homework either in advance or in study hall today. YAY!!!!!!

~Katie, now a 14-year-old AG Blog owner!~

Friday, March 18, 2011

Entry To Gabby's Contest!

Hi! This is Chrissa and I'm proud to say that Katie chose ME to enter Gabby's Picture Perfect contest!!!! After sifting through the pictures she's taken of me, she decided she liked these three the best:

Why I like this photo: The lighting's pretty good (That's something Katie struggles with since most of her photos are taken in the basement) and it shows off my bracelet as well as something I love: Swimming!

Why I like this photo: The pose. I think it looks realistic, and I think I look pretty darn great in Kirsten's nightgown. The lighting's pretty good, too.

(Forgive the glimpse of Emily) Why I like this photo: One word: Hair. My hair can be annoying but I think it looks great here. Plus, the lighting's decent and I like the outfit I'm wearing.

Oh, and a clarification about Katie's scavenger hunt: E-mail the answers to her! (See below post!) Thank you!

~Chrissa Maxwell~

Monday, March 14, 2011

10 Followers Scavenger Hunt!!!!

Hola! Me llamo Kailey y tengo un articulo excelente para a contar a ustedes! For anyone who didn't know, I just said: Hi! My name is Kailey and I have something that is excelent to tell you! Here's what it is:

There is a scavenger hunt to celebrate that this Blog has 10 followers!!!! There are ten questions you must answer correctly. Anybody who does so and emails it to Katie at will recieve a blog award. This is mostly just for fun, but the person who answeres the ten questions first will get a special prize from Kit, our resident writer. It's a poem or short story about a subject of their choosing! Here are the questions, the theme is 'Firsts'

1. What was the first word of the first post?
2. What was the first photo uploaded on this site?
3. What was the name of the first photostory?
4. What was the first photo shoot called?
5. Who was my first follower? (This one is tricky)
6. Who was my (Katie's) first AG doll?
7. What was the first holiday my dolls celebrated on this site?
8. What was the first play entitled and what day was it posted?
9. At what time was my first post of 2011 published?
10. Who was the first person to comment on my blog?

Have fun! The deadline is March 25. This gives you a weekend, but if I don't have many entries, or a bunch of people say they want to do it but don't have enough time, Katie'll extend it. Thanks to all of the wonderful followers!


Sunday, March 13, 2011

I am in such a good mood!

Hello, people of the world! As you can tell from the title, I am in an extremely good mood right now for multiple reasons.

1. I WON EMMA'S CONTEST!!! Yay! All of the entries were really cool, I didn't really expect to win!

2. I HAVE TEN FOLLOWERS!!!!! Thanks to Karen, I have reached my first follower milestone! Stay tuned for a special post and challenge for that . . . . .

3. THE DEVILS WON LAST NIGHT!!!! For those of you who have no clue what I'm talking about, the Devils are a hockey team, in fact they are my favorite hockey team. :) I went to the game and now have a new favorite player, Tedenby! He is like a rocket on the ice. Whoosh!

4. MY ANSWER FOR THE YOU SAID IT ON AG WAS POSTED!!! If you go on 'Girl Buzz' in the 'Fun For Girls' section of the website, you see the 'You Said It!' thing. My answer was the one with the chocolate cupcake with vanilla icing and vanilla icecream inside. (You'll know what I mean if you look.)


Saturday, March 5, 2011

New AG Item!!

Hi, guys! It's Kit here, wearing my BRAND NEW PJ'S!!!!!! They're the item Katie ordered on Monday! I love them sooooo much, and I honestly think they're too cute to just wear to bed, so I might have to wear them around during the summer. ;) No pics, sorry, but here's a written review:

Really just a ribbon, I don't mind (and Katie doesn't either) though. It might be hard for younger girls (younger than 10) to get to stay and look nice, but as it's long enough to make a good bow and looks really great in my hair!

If you have Nellie's PJ's, they're alot like those except these fit better. They slide on easily with any trouble whatsoever. The pompoms are a cute touch and they match the headband. I can also stand up on them easily on both hard surfaces and carpet.

ADORABLE!!!!! Katie is absolutely obsessed with the middy-style collar. The collar was a little weird when she first took it out of the box, but that's just from shipping and has fixed itself already (it's been about 30 min). The pocket it a real pocket, though it's so small not much would fit in it. Maybe a doll pen? The flags that mean 'I love you' are a great detail. (That's what I love about this outfit, the details!) The buttons on the pants part are a great detail, too. One note, the PJ's are all one piece. Katie was kinda disappointed at first, but once they're on you can't tell anyway and she doesn't mind now.

5 out of 5 stars! Katie agrees, and she's ussually a tough reviewer. She can be pretty mean when she doesn't like a product. If you are thinking about getting this outfit, but aren't sure, GET IT!!!!! It is totally worth the original $24, and it's a deal at $20 like it is now. Even with shipping it's $24.95 currently.

Thanks for reading!


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Limited Edition Kirsten Mini Doll

So I was just on AG's website because I wanted to see the new limited edition mini doll for the month of March. As you probably guessed from the title, it's Kirsten. I am NOT HAPPY WITH IT!!!! Here's a pic: (belongs to AG, not me)

Samantha was in her Christmas dress. Felicity was in her Holiday gown. Kirsten is in her winter outfit? Why isn't she in her St. Lucia day outfit!!!!! The picture on the mini book shows her in it! This outfit has nothing to do with Kirsten's Surprise, it's in Changes for Kirsten! Not that I don't like this outfit, it's pretty, but it just doesn't match the elegance of her holiday finery. I'm really disappointed with this, and I probably would have asked for it for Christmas this year if she were in her St. Lucia Day gown.


Sorry for the long rant. Please comment with your opinion!