About This Blog

This blog is a (hopefully) fun and cool place to find photostories, news, and stories about American Girl Dolls. It is not in any way affiliated with American Girl, Mattel, or anything like that. As of yet I have not had any problems with unkind comments, or anything like that, but to avoid such problems I decided to make this page to say the top 5 rules of American Girl World.

1. Please do not leave rude/mean/nasty comments! No one is forcing you to look at this blog, so if you don't like it, don't look at it! It's as simple as that! Right now I don't have to approve of comments before they are posted, and I would like to keep it that way.

2. Please don't Gossip in comments! I don't really think I'll have problems with this, but just in case.

3. Please do feel free to advertise your blog/website! One of the best parts about finding one AG blog is that you can usually find others from it! Feel free to advertise your blog, website, contest or whatever in a comment. However, please don't put a link to a blog with 'adult material' (you know what I mean).

4. Please do not use my pictures without my permission! I spend a long time taking the pictures I post here, and they are not there for you to steal. If you want to use a photo, ask me in a comment and as long as you give me credit for the photo, I'll probably say yes.

5. Please do not use my stories without permission! This includes written stories and photostories. I also take my time writing them. They are mine because I wrote them. If you want to use a story, do the same as with a photo.

Thank you!