Friday, May 13, 2011

Two lies and a truth

Hi! It's Kit. I know Katie said she was going to write a story this week, but she has writer's block, so together Molly and I came up with this! We saw it somewhere before, but I can't remember where. Anyway, each of  us is going to tell you about three wacky things. One of them will have really happened, and two of them haven't. In a comment, guess which one really happened. I'll go first. Here are the three wacky things:

1. Once, I got my a little of my hair ripped out by a three-year-old.
2. A guinea pig bit my finger once
3. I got dropped down the stairs once.

Comment and say which one you think really happened!

Molly here now! Here are my three wacky situations:

1. Katie's brother threw me across their playroom once.
2. I got dropped in mud awhile ago.
3. Katie got birthday cake all over me the day she got me.

Also say in your comment which one of these you think happened!

~Kit and Molly~


Emma said...

Too funny! OK, for Kit, she actually had her finger bit by a guinea pig. And for Molly, she actually had Katie's brother throw her across their playroom.

~*Emma and her dolls*~

P.S. Which of theses actually happened to me?

1. I stapled my finger

2. I sewed over my finger with a sewing machine

3. I cut my own hair once as a baby

Katie said...

Emma, you are psychic! Those are the things that actually happened! I think that you actually stapled your finger. Is that right?

Emma said...

Ha ha! I never knew I has such mystical powers! And yes, I did staple my finger! :)

~*Emma and her dolls*~

Emma said...

hey katie
i gots a blog now :P
but ill do 2 lies and a truth if you dont mind :)
1. My doctor thought I had a growth disorder.
2. Sometimes, when i'm bored and arthurs on...ill watch it :)
3. I had blonde hair as a youngin