Sunday, August 28, 2011

Explorin' With Emily and Kit!

"UGH! Emily, I am sooo bored!" Kit complained. "First we had to be dragged up here from the doll part of the campus because there a a possibility it would flood from the hurricane" (Don't worry readers, it didn't) "And now we're stuck in the human part. PLUS, Kailey's taking a nap since she decided to stay up all night and watch the storm and Chrissa, Kirsten and Molly all went out to lunch at that Mexican place, and we don't like Mexican food!"

Emily waited to make sure Kit was finished with her rant before answering.

"Kit, why don't we make the most of our time in the human part to go exploring!"
"Yeah! It'll be fun." Emily assured her.
"Where, though?"

"Katie's bedroom!" Emily said enthusiastically, leading the way.
"Are you sure we're allowed in there?" Kit asked nervously.
"Of course, why wouldn't we?" Kit could think of a bunch of reasons why they wouldn't be allowed in there, but she didn't say anything.

Emily opened the door all the way. "Wow," she said.
"It's very messy in here," Kit pointed out.
"She's a teenager," Emily countered, "What did you expect?"

"Hey!" Kit said, running over to some books on the floor. "Look! It's Peter and the Starcatchers! That's one of my favorite books!"
"Forget that, Kit, look at what I found! It's Katie's diary! Let's read it and learn all of her deep, dark secrets!"
"Emily!" Kit gasped, astonished that she would even suggest something like that.
"Oh, calm down. It was a joke." Kit had never heard Emily joke like that before. I guess she only jokes around like that with Molly and Kirsten. Kit thought.

Kit ran over to some stuffed animals. "Hey, Emily! Look what I found!"
"What the heck is that?"
"It's a wombat, one of Katie's favorite animals!"

"Hehe, look Kit! I found a giant bear!"

"Hey, Emily!" Kit called down to her friend, "Climb up here!"
"How?" Emily asked, confused.
"The handles on the drawers are like ladder rungs."
"Oh, cool!" Emily climbed up.

"Ooh! It's Katie's pin collection. I love pins, too, you know." Kit said.
"I actually didn't know that," Emily said, "But that's really neat.

"These are Katie's Disney pins. Her favorite is the Elvis Stitch one." Emily was impressed by Kit's knowledge of Katie's collection.

"Let's go over to the bed!" Emily suggested.
"Sound fun, but how?" Kit asked.
"Like this," Emily got a running start and . . . .

Jumped into mid air! "Wheeeeee!" she shouted.


"Your turn, Kit!"
"Okay." Kit ran as fast as she could and . . .

Took a big leap!

"Ahh!" she cried as she landed on Emily. "Sorry."
"It's okay."

Two beautiful girls posing on the bed.

Gorgeous Emily,

and Sweet, beautiful Kit.

*Don't ask why this is the wrong way (Stupid computer)*
"This was really fun, Emily," Kit said as she slid off the bed, "You're, like, my new best friend!" she said with a laugh.

Emily giggled too. "Aw, thanks Kit, you're my new best friend, too!"

Neither of the girls noticed that Kailey had woken up from her nap and was watching and listening from the doorway.

"But, but I thought I was Kit's best friend."


Sarah Bertke said...

Aghhh, that's sad. Poor Kailey!!

Priya said...

Awesome photostory!! I hope Emily, Kit, and Kailey can all be best friends. :D


Emma said...

Then after Kaily says the last line that's when you hear "Dun dun duuuuuuun!" :D LOL Awesome story! Oh, and I made a new button and I'd love it if you would replace my old one with the newer one. It's on my sidebar. Thanks!