Thursday, March 3, 2011

Limited Edition Kirsten Mini Doll

So I was just on AG's website because I wanted to see the new limited edition mini doll for the month of March. As you probably guessed from the title, it's Kirsten. I am NOT HAPPY WITH IT!!!! Here's a pic: (belongs to AG, not me)

Samantha was in her Christmas dress. Felicity was in her Holiday gown. Kirsten is in her winter outfit? Why isn't she in her St. Lucia day outfit!!!!! The picture on the mini book shows her in it! This outfit has nothing to do with Kirsten's Surprise, it's in Changes for Kirsten! Not that I don't like this outfit, it's pretty, but it just doesn't match the elegance of her holiday finery. I'm really disappointed with this, and I probably would have asked for it for Christmas this year if she were in her St. Lucia Day gown.


Sorry for the long rant. Please comment with your opinion!



American Girl Dolls Rock!! said...

That mini American Girl Doll is so cute!

Emma said...

I was VERY disappointed, too! I was looking forward to seeing her St. Lucia Dress! :( :( :( Oh, well. Maybe there will be better luck next month with Addy. Oh, and it's okay to rant. I rant long, too! ;)

Caelen said...

I was really hoping Kirsten would have her St.Lucia outfit too. :(

Anonymous said...

I was hoping for the St. Lucia outfit, but I CAN'T GET OVER THAT ADORABLE FACE!!!!!! :D