Monday, March 14, 2011

10 Followers Scavenger Hunt!!!!

Hola! Me llamo Kailey y tengo un articulo excelente para a contar a ustedes! For anyone who didn't know, I just said: Hi! My name is Kailey and I have something that is excelent to tell you! Here's what it is:

There is a scavenger hunt to celebrate that this Blog has 10 followers!!!! There are ten questions you must answer correctly. Anybody who does so and emails it to Katie at will recieve a blog award. This is mostly just for fun, but the person who answeres the ten questions first will get a special prize from Kit, our resident writer. It's a poem or short story about a subject of their choosing! Here are the questions, the theme is 'Firsts'

1. What was the first word of the first post?
2. What was the first photo uploaded on this site?
3. What was the name of the first photostory?
4. What was the first photo shoot called?
5. Who was my first follower? (This one is tricky)
6. Who was my (Katie's) first AG doll?
7. What was the first holiday my dolls celebrated on this site?
8. What was the first play entitled and what day was it posted?
9. At what time was my first post of 2011 published?
10. Who was the first person to comment on my blog?

Have fun! The deadline is March 25. This gives you a weekend, but if I don't have many entries, or a bunch of people say they want to do it but don't have enough time, Katie'll extend it. Thanks to all of the wonderful followers!



Berryanne said...

Hey everybody. Could you please go to my craft blog ( and enter my contest, Creativity Challenge? Please? Oh, and don't forget to follow!

Emma said...
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Katie said...

Emma, I had to delete your comment because you were supposed to E-mail me the answers. THis way noone else can see them and have an unfair advantage. Anyway, your anwers to questions 2, 4, 5, 7 and 10 aren't right, but you can try to correct them and send them to me via e-mail. Sorry!