Friday, March 18, 2011

Entry To Gabby's Contest!

Hi! This is Chrissa and I'm proud to say that Katie chose ME to enter Gabby's Picture Perfect contest!!!! After sifting through the pictures she's taken of me, she decided she liked these three the best:

Why I like this photo: The lighting's pretty good (That's something Katie struggles with since most of her photos are taken in the basement) and it shows off my bracelet as well as something I love: Swimming!

Why I like this photo: The pose. I think it looks realistic, and I think I look pretty darn great in Kirsten's nightgown. The lighting's pretty good, too.

(Forgive the glimpse of Emily) Why I like this photo: One word: Hair. My hair can be annoying but I think it looks great here. Plus, the lighting's decent and I like the outfit I'm wearing.

Oh, and a clarification about Katie's scavenger hunt: E-mail the answers to her! (See below post!) Thank you!

~Chrissa Maxwell~

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