Sunday, April 17, 2011

PPAG Entry (Round 2!)

The theme for this round is 'Easter' and 'Earthday'. I tried to capture both in all of my photos. Here are the ones I took:

I love that cross decoration!

I especially like this one!

I don't really like this one.

Do you see Chrissa? (She's there, I promise!)

There she is!

Ugh, get that branch out of her face!!!!

I ADORE this one!

Very Easter-ish.

Just chilling with some flowers.

Still chilling.

Close-up of chilling.

Not done chilling yet.

Here are the three I am entering:

Third Favorite:
I like the way her hair looks in this one. I also really like her pose and the flowers look cool, too.

 Second Favorite:
Like I said earlier, I really like this decoration, and I like Chrissa's pose. I think it represents Easter well through the lilies, and Earth Day well through the fact that it's made out of plants.

 Absolute Favorite:
I ADORE just about everything about photo. I think the lighting's cool, her hair's great, and I love her pose, too!

Thanks for reading and good luck to everyone in PPAG!!!


PS: Check back exactly two weeks from today for Beauty and the Beast!!


Gabby said...

Wow! So cute! :-)

Emma said...

Awesome! Those pictures are fabulous. Your right about your favorite, it's really amazing. You really combined the two really well. I didn't do to well combining them, I nearly as creative as you! :) Keep up your awesome posts!

~*Emma and her dolls*~