Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New Blog Look and Poll!

Hello people of the world! It's Kailey here to tell you all about what's going on here at Pleasant View Academy, plus some new blog stuff. First off, the swimming season ended this past weekend. Chrissa did really well and even got mentioned in the local newspaper! (Of course, that happens to me all the time.) Molly started training for a horse show, I think she said it's in May. It's finally starting to get warm here! I wasn't so sure spring had truly sprung because of the snow and freezing temps. Anyway, as you can see there's a new blog background, plus a new poll! What's YOUR favorite spring holiday? Let us know!

Peace out!


Priya said...

I like doing egg hunts on Easter and celebrating Mother's Day in spring! ;-)
Also, I love your new background, Katie!!

Lilac said...

I going to use the banner you said to copy.

Katie said...

Thanks for your comments, guys!
Priya: I love egg hunts too, and thanks about the background.
Lilac: Do you mean my website banner? If you do, thanks!