Sunday, April 3, 2011

Doll Clothes I Have Made

I LOVE to sew. Seriously, I've sewn so much in one day I almost over-heated my machine. (I felt it and it was majorly hot and smelled a little strange) Anyway, my favorite thing to sew, to the massive delightment of my dolls, is doll clothes. Forgive the poor pictures, I wanted to show you the details.

This is the first thing I ever sewed for my dolls, with a pattern and a LOT of help. The sleeves are pretty bad, and the elastic in the pants came loose. I was proud of these when I first finished them, but now I think they're kinda weird looking. (they don't really fit right) These used to be Kailey's PJ's, but now they don't get worn much.

This was too much, too soon. In all honesty I shouldn't have tried to make a colonial gown for my second doll outfit ever, though the sleeves turned out AWESOME! No closeups of that, unfortunately.

I made the seams too big by accident, so the whole thing is tight and there are bare spots. There wasn't enough room to put snaps in to hold up the stomacher, so that's why there're pins.

The hem's decent, but not great.

This is the first thing I made without a pattern. I like how this looks on Kirsten in the front. 

I messed up a little on the upper hem.

The back is . . . . strange. No other word to describe it. Can you see the point by Kit's butt? It's a lot more noticable in real life. At least the front looks good.

This is the first thing I made with a patter drafted by yours truly. I like it except for the fact that the neckline is too high. And it's a little too mature for my girls, but Chrissa loves it.

The snaps look pretty good on this one.

This is a skating costume. I altered a jumper pattern to make it, which is why the top is so loose.

They're matching panties,

And matching pants! Though I didn't have any elastic when I made the pants, so they fall down alot.

This sundress (originally a jumper but wouldn't fit over a shirt) actually turned out pretty good.

Excpet the hem. Oh well.

This is one of the highlights of my sewing career- a doll sleeping bag! The wonderful ladies who run the sewing class I go to (one of them has a blog, thought she doesn't update much) helped me this this. It's the first item I ever quilted.

I also made a matching pillow.

These are PJ's, attempt 2 about a year after I made the first ones. These turned out a million times better, the sleeves look downright awesome. I know it's mising buttons, that's a loooong story.

(Like my socks? hehe) This is Chrissa's Christmas dress. This is personally one of my favorite things that I've made. I adore the fabric.

You can see in this picture that it's a dress (sleeveless) and a bolero. Plus, you can see the gathering. The fabric is redder than this in real life.

Random accessories, a poncho, a finger knit scarf, and a penguin blanket.

A red corduroy vest and a blue jumper, both turned out really well.

This is my FAVORITE thing I've made. Don't you love the print?

It's fully finished with the 'honeycomb stitch'. I don't have a serger. This is the first garment that has finished seams.

The back is a little rough, but that's okay.

I'm working on this quilt. Since I took this picture, the backing and batting has been added and I started quilting it.

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Emma said...

I'm jealous of your great creations! So many wonderful outfits and accessories! You do such a great job. Do you have your own sewing machine? I don't, but I really want one! I use my mom's sewing machine. My mom has a serger, but I don't use it at all because it got all messed up. Recently I made a doll skirt and that frog shirt Emily was wearing at my Spring photo shoot post. I'm thinking on doing a handmade stuff post, too, when I get back from my vacation! (Right now I'm in Utah!!!) Come to think of it, there is a lot of stuff I want to post about!! :) LOL

~*Emma and her dolls*~

Katie said...

Thanks, Emma! I do have my own sewing machine, it was a birthday present two years ago. My mom doesn't sew, so I took I think two private lessons from a friend of a friend. She taught me how to use my machine and helped me with my first project (the 1st doll PJ's). After I got the hang of sewing, I stopped the lessons with her and now I'm part of a sewing group that meets twice a month. I love the frog shirt you made! I adore frogs, and I made a frog pillow for my dolls once, but I forgot to take a picture. Wow, this is a seriously long comment. Sorry! Have fun in Utah!!! Is your spring break this week?

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