Friday, April 29, 2011


Sorry I haven't been updating lately. This is due to a lack of ideas!!! Ugh, it's like all the creativity has been sucked out of me by a giant vaccum cleaner! Forgive the totally irrational randomness. Anyway, today I was trying to take pics for PPAG, but I can't think of a modern celebrity that inspires me!!! (Or Chrissa for that matter!) So, if anybody has ideas for posts or knows about a really inspirational celebrity, I'd appreciate a comment!

Also, thank you to my numerous new followers! You guys rock!!!!!


PS: Here's a poem:
When I Misplace My Brain
When I misplace my brain,
I feel quite insane.
I can't think straight,
And I just can't wait,
To find it again.
Once it was stolen by men
Who ate with their feet
And each other they beat.
They couldn't find their minds, you see,
That's why they took mine from me.
Ah, here's my brain,
It's behind the whole grain!
Thank goodness it's found,
Or else I'd be bound
For who knows where,
But it wouldn't be nice, I declare!

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Emma said...

LOL at the poem! It's okay, I haven't been updating lately, either. Hmmm... well for Mia I'm going to choose an ice skater or Carrie Underwood(Love her!) for PPAG. I remember You said Chrissa has a really dramatic personality, so I would suggest choose an actress. Or Sammi Hanratty! :)(She plays Chrissa in the Chrissa Stands Strong Movie)

~*Emma and her dolls*~