Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hi! I'm Chrissa and I'm gonna ramble!

Hi readers! It's Chrissa Marie Maxwell, aka the most beautiful of Katie's dolls, not to mention the most clever and her favorite. Stop laughing, Kailey! It's true!!! Anyway, I think blogging is really cool and I've been BEGGING Katie to let me get one of my own. She's not sure I'd be able to handle it, so instead I can post on this blog until I've proved I'm responsible enough for a blog of my own. That shouldn't take long for someone as amazing as me! :)

Anyway, I was on the AG website, and I was playing Julie's Punch Buggy game, and I got a score of 56!!! So I have a challenge for all of our readers: Beat that score!! Good luck guys, the first person who does gets:

1. Bragging rights :)
2. A blogger award

I'm trusting you guys to tell the truth, I don't expect you to post a screen shot or anything because to cheat on something like this is seriously low.

So, if you get a score higher than 56 comment about it!
Also, if you think I should get my own blog, comment and say so! I'd love to hear your opinions!

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Priya said...

I think you should get your own blog, Chrissa, that would be cool. It could be called Chrissa's Closet or something like that since you love fashion! :D

I tried playing the Julie's punch buggy game, but since I had only 15 minutes I got to 15 points or something. That's a great score though!


Abigail said...

Hi Chrissa! Sorry to disappoint you, but I just played the game and got 57. But don't go to the trouble of making me a blog award because I don't have a blog (yet). And I have evidence to prove this if you don't believe me! ;)

Katie said...

Thanks for the comments, guys!
Abigail, haha you didn't disappoint Chrissa, records are meant to be broken! I'll make a blog award anyway, so that if and when you get a blog you'll have it, just let me know :)


Abigail said...

Oh thank-you! :) I probably won't get a blog anytime soon because I already asked my mom and got a no. If by any chance I do I will tell you. I already have so many ideas for it...