Saturday, October 1, 2011

Really True Confessions of an American Doll Collector

Hey guys, I was in a posting mood and thought I'd share some of my darkest moments of doll collecting.

1. In fifth grade I told a girl in my class I thought dolls were babyish because she had just teased another girl for still playing with dolls
2. My brother and I used to throw my dolls (cheap ones, not AG dolls or Bitties) across the basement.
3. My AG dolls have spent many a night in the bottom of a bin (Please don't turn me into the DPS!)
4. Right before I started this blog I was considering putting all of my dolls in attic until I become a mom and could give them to my daughters
5. I once named a doll Milk (I couldn't think of a good name and there were milk bottles on his overalls) but then changed his name to John Jacob Jingle Heighmer Schmit
6. I once named a doll Bolbie
7. I used to have a doll, Azalea, who cut school regularly to race go-karts with Bolbie and was a major tycoon
8. I don't really like Cabbage Patch kids or Barbies. Don't really know why, but I though I'd throw that in

So, as you can see, I've hade some dark moments of doll collecting. Hopefully none of this stuff ever happens again!

On a completely unrelated note, my 100th post will be coming up (This is #88, I think) So maybe my 1st year blogger anniversary (Nov. 8th!) will be the same day. Wouldn't that be cool? :) Might have to have a contest or something to celebrate, thoughts, readers?


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Priya said...

Cool! I'll share a few of mine, too.

-When I was little I had a few baby dolls but for some reason I kept asking for more
-Many of my old baby dolls have scratches or marker marks on them

That's all I can think of! :)

Your {blogging} friend,
Priya :D