Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas is Coming!

Hey! I just set up my doll displays for Christmas and thought I'd share! :) I'll probably recreate one of the scenes in a better place to take a picture for the Our Dolls Christmas photo contest. Here are the scenes:

Molly and Emily hurrying to a holiday party! I LOVE this one so much! Emlily's so coordinated her gift for the hostess matches her dress! : D

I love her hairstyle here soooo much!

I love Molly's coat and earmuffs!

Kit and Kailey are wrapping Christmas presents! (See that wreath there? I made that completely out of beads, safety pins and ribbon last year. It took me FOREVER to make so just had to incorporate it some how!)

Blurry and yet still cute :)

It's so easy to forget how gorgeous Kailey is! (This might be her new profile picture!)

And Kit wanted a close up because everyone else was getting one! (I don't know why her eyes look so weird . . . they don't look like that in real life!) 
And here's my eleven year old bitty, Robby, who I dressed in snow man PJ's.

And the biggest display! (This one took over an hour!)


Their tree! It's tiny, but I set it on a platform to make it look a little bigger. And my mom was sweet enough to pick up some mini ornaments for me earlier this week :)

At the top of the tree we have the cyclops angel (one of her eyes fell off). My mom calls it the winking angel.

Looks like Santa came!!!! : D

And a cute note :)

Thanks for looking, and please comment and say which display is your favorite!

What are YOUR dolls doing for Christmas?


Katie said...

By the way, I'm having some issues commenting on blogs. I can only comment on blogs set up like mine (with the pop-up comment thingy) So if your blog is formated a different way, I want to comment but I can't! :(

Priya said...

Wow, I love your displays! I don't have enough room to do seasonal displays, unfortunately. My dolls and I are going to celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas, but I'm not exactly sure on the "how" yet. :D

Also, thanks for the comment on my blog!

Katie said...

Thanks, Priya! I can't wait to see how your dolls celebrate the holidays. Do you have a little menorah for them?

Miss Emma said...

Love the Christmas look! Where did you get the background? It is so pretty! And I am so jealous of your displays. I still need to take pics of mine... :)

Merry Christmas!


Katie said...

Thanks, Emma! I got the background at, there's a link on the very bottom. I can't wait to see your Christmas displays!

Priya said...

Nope, I don't. But I think I'll try to make one! :)

American Girl Dolls Rock!! said...

wow your displays are AMAZING! I really like the first one with molly and emily! Sooooooooooooooooo cute! Your dolls are just beautiful <3

Katie said...

Thanks! :)