Saturday, December 10, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas!

Hey guys! It's only 15 days until Christmas!

I thought I'd show everyone who didn't get to see it last year my doll play that I did last year! I did 'A Christmas Carol'. I think I'm probably going to do another play this year, but it probably won't be quite as long and I may not have time to finish it before Christmas. (Stupid homework and tests!)

Anyway, are your dolls getting ready for Christmas/Chunnakuh? What are they doing?

I found some really cool crafts for the Holiday season:

There are a bunch at Our Dolls. The links weren't working right, but all you have to do to find the crafts is click on  Doll Holidays and Activities , then click on  Current Holiday: Christmas. All of the craft look super fun and easy, but my favorites are the wreaths and the paper chains. :) There are also a bunch of cute photostories about Christmas time.

Doll Menorah! (Just for you, Priya!) This looks really cute and I would definately make one for my dolls if I celebrated Chunnakuh. This craft is from Karen at Doll Diaries.

Thanks for looking!


Priya said...

Wow, thanks for posting the craft!! I really hope to make the menorah before Hanukkah! It's funny this year Hanukkah overlaps with Christmas. :D

Katie said...

Your welcome! I know, it must be really cool to celebrate two holidays on one day! Last year my Grandpa's birthday was on Easter, and that was really fun to celebrate :)