Saturday, November 13, 2010

Always Be Thankful- An AG Photostory

One day in early Novemeber, Molly was watching TV and noticed all the commercials were for Christmas specials, and yet Thanksgiving hadn't even come yet.

"It's as though everyone forgot about being thankful!" Molly exclaimed to her dog, Bennet. "All anyone cares about is getting presents at Christmas! We need to do something about it.

Molly jumped up and grabbed her earmuffs and Bennet's leash. "Come on, Bennet," she said, "We're going to get all my friends to help me make posters for Thanksgiving and being thankful, that'll remind everyone not to get too much of a head start on Christmas!"

The first one of her friends that Molly ran into was Chrissa, who was feeding bread crumbs to her 'pet duck' by the pond. "Hi, Chrissa!" Molly called.

"Oh, hi Molly. What's up?" Chrissa asked. "Well, Chrissa, I was wondering if you'd help me make posters about being thankful to hang around the school. It seems as though everyone's forgotten about Thanksgiving, don't you agree?"

"Oh, well, er," Chrissa replied awkwardly, "I'm actually really busy." "Doing what? Feeding your duck?" "Well, his name is William, but yes." Molly rolled her eyes.

As Molly walked away, though, Chrissa did, too. She was muttering to herself, "Let's see, I'll need to start looking for an orange tablecloth . . . . ."

The next person Molly found was Kailey, who was waving goodbye to someone. Molly barely noticed. "Hey, Kailey!" she yelld.

"Molls! What's happening?" "Well, I was wondering if you would help me make posters about being thankful to hang around the school. Everyone seems to be forgetting about Thanksgiving."

"Oh, well, geese, Molly," Kailey answered, embarrased, "I'd honestly love to, but after I finish walking Sandy, I have an essay to write, and some English homework, not to mention a book report . . . ." she trailed off. "Oh, well it's okay, I guess," Molly sighed as she walked away.

"Oh, Bennet," she said, after she was out of earshot of Kailey, "This is not going as I planned. What's wrong with these modern dolls? I must go find Emily, she's from my own time period, she'll understand."

Meanwhile, Kailey was muttering to her dog as well. "That was close, Sandy! I'm such a terrible liar. Hurry up, we need to get to the party store!"

Outside the library, Chrissa had found Emily, and told her what she wanted to do later that afternoon. "Will you help?" Chrissa ended. "Of course, Chrissa! It's a fabulous idea. I'll try to bribe the cook at the cafeteria if you track down that tableware."

"Shhh!" Chrissa said suddenly, "Here comes Molly, I gotta amscray!"

"Hello, Emily," Molly said cheerfully as she found her best friend. "Hello, Molly. What's new?" "Well, Emily, I was wondering if you'd help me make some signs about being thankful to hang around the school. It seems as though everyone's forgotten the reason for the season, so to speak."

"Well, I'd love to, Molly, but I have this science project for the state science fair in January, and I really need to do research, plus I'm doing an extra credit paper for history, and I'm sorry but I'm just too busy." "Oh, it's okay, I guess," Molly said as Emily dashed into the library.

"Bennet this is awful!" Molly wailed when Emily was gone. "Not even my own best friend will help me! Let's just give up."

While walking back to her dorm, Molly ran across Kirsten, who was haneing up her laundry, as she refused to use the washing machine or dryer that was in the community center. "Hi, Kirsti!" Molly called.

"Oh, hello Molly. Why so glum, chim?" Kirsten asked sympathetically. "Well, noone wants to help me make posters about being thankful to hang around the school, not even my one best friend!"

"Not even Emily? Oh, that's terrible. I think it's a great idea, people forget why we celebrate Thanksgiving, other than to stuff our faces with food, and some people forget the holiday all together. I'll help you!" "You will?!" Molly asked excitedly.

"Of course! Let's go on the library's computer to look up information on the first Thanksgiving, we can includ that on our poster, too!" "Sounds great," Molly agreed, "Let's go!"
Meanwhile, Emily had found Kit in the library. "Kit!" Emily called, "I need to ask you something!"

Emily told Kit Chrissa's entire plan. "Well, what do you think? Will you ask Mrs. Havic if we can use her room?" "Sure," Kit said "She's so nice, I'll bet she'll say yes." 

"Thanks again for helping, Kit." "No problem, it's a great idea!" "What's a great idea," Molly asked, walking in.

"Oh, for me to use personal experiences in my essay about feeling," Kit said stiffly, but Molly knew she was lying. "What essay about feelings? Did Mrs. Hope assign that to everyone?" "No, it's, uh, an extra credit project."

"Oh, well will help Molly and me make some signs about being thankful to hang around the school?" Kirsten asked, joining the conversation. "Oh, well, I'd like to, but this essay is going to take a while. Sorry!" Kit and Emily scampered away.

"Don't worry, Molly," Kirsten said when they were gone, "We can make the posters oursleves, and maybe we can send a message to them about being thankful for things like friends!"

Molly and Kirsten went to the computer and scored the internet for information about pilgrims and Native Americans, as well as the first Thanksgiving. "Wow," Molly said, "They probably didn't have turkey at the first Thanksgiving, and yet it's tradition that you eat it every year. So strange!"

Later, when they were walking back to their dorm to make posters, armed with information, Kirsten and Molly ran into Emily in the hallway. "You two have to come to Mrs. Havic's room RIGHT NOW!" She screamed at them. "Why?" Molly asked, afraid that she was in trouble. "She didn't say, but she DID say to hurry!"

When they reached Mrs. Havic's room, it was all dark. "Hey, is this someone's idea of a joke?" Molly asked, groping for the light switch. When she found it, she flipped it on.


"Wow! This is great!" Molly excaimed. "It was all Chrissa's idea," Emily said, "She knew how upset you were that everyone was forgetting what Thankgivign is all about!" "Emily helped alot," Chrissa said, embarresed. "The cake was her idea, she knows your favorite is chocolate with vanilla icing!" "You guys are the best!" Molly laughed.

"I love the decorations," Kirsten gushed, admiring a scarecrow head. "Thanks," Kailey said blushing, "I was in charge of the decorations." "Well you did an A plus job!"

"And the best part," Kit said, stepping to the center are theses pieces of paper. Everyone can write what they're thankful for on them, and we'll hang them up in the library to remind everyone, as Molly said earlier, the reason for the season! We can make other posters for the rest of the school, too!"

Everyone sat down and immediately started thinking about what they were most thankful for, and at the top of everyone's lists were friends, because they knew they were blessed to have such amazing, loving friends.
           Thank you if you read the whole thing! It took me all day to do, but I think it turned out great. I know it's a little early for Thanksgiving, but it's never too early to be thankful. Happy Thanksgiving!


Gabrielle said...

So well thought out. It was great!!!

Katie said...

Thank you so much!!!!

~Quinlyn~ said...

That was so cute!! Great idea...I thought that same thing last night. A CHRISTMAS movie was on! And when my mom and I were in the car we turned on the radio, and CHRSTIMAS MUSIC was on! It's like no one remembers Thanksgiving anymore. All your dolls are super pretty and I love their outfits, too! Awesome :) And thanks so much for commenting on my blog! I was sure to follow this one!