Monday, November 8, 2010

Hey! To keep you from yawning your heads off, here's a short story about my dolls. (It's shorter than it looks.) Enjoy!

      It was an average day in dorm 243 at Pleasant View Academy. Molly was reading Nancy Drew, Kit was playing with coconut, Emily was working on her science project (a model earthquake), and Kailey was watching basketball on TV. Suddenly, Chrissa and Kirsten burst in.
      "You'll never believe what we just found out!" Kirsten exclaimed.
      "What, what happened?" Molly asked.
      "Well, you know how for our science unit on gemstones Mrs. Havic borrowed some rubies, sapphires, and emeralds from the museum down the road a ways?" Molly nodded. "Someone stole them!"
      "What?!" Emily yelled, "How? Weren't they locked up?"
      "Of course," Chrissa explained, "But someone must've snuck into the headmistress's office, where they were being kept, and some how got into the safe. Noone saw who did it!"
     "Not even Ms. Hallsbrook?" Kailey asked. Ms. Hallsbrook was the headmistress's Secretary, who seemed to know everything.
     " Not even her."
     "Well," Molly said, "I don't know about you, but I think we should try to find them. I mean, do you want Mrs. Havic to get blamed for this?" Mrs. Havic was the girls' favorite teacher and by far the best. "I didn't think so. Where should we start? Who could have done it?"
      "The person had to have had access to the office, so maybe one of the custodians?" Kit suggested.
      "I don't think so," Emily said, "Mr. Hallsbrook would have seen him."
     "Wouldn't she have seen anybody?" Chrissa pointed out.
     Emily smiled mischievously. "What if they came in through the window? When you think about it, it's the only way. Ms. Hallsbrook never leaves her desk during the day, and locks up at night. If the person did come through the window, that narrows down who it could have been, because the windows in there are so small!"
       "You're right!" Molly exclaimed. "It must have been either a student or a very petite teacher."
       "My guess is student," Kit said, "The only really short teacher is Miss Yules, and she's filthy rich."
      "We need to examine the crime scene," Molly said, "That's the only way to come up with an accurate suspect list."
       The girls hiked to the main office across the campus. "Hello, Ms. Hallsbrook," Kailey said pleasantly.
       "Hello, girls, what can I do for you?"
       "Well," Kailey said with her best begging face, "We were wondering if we could examine the scene of the crime, you know, the gemstones that were stolen earlier?"
       "Absolutely not! No one, not even, me, is allowed in there. I'm sorry girls, but if you want to play detective, go read a Sherlock Holmes book."
       The girls left the office dejected. "What do we do now?" Chrissa wailed.
        "We don't give up if that's what you're really wondering," Molly said. Just then, two police officers walked by.
        "Such strange circumstances," one of the officers observed, "All that hair, and so short! Not a single other clue." The girls looked at each other.
        "Maybe a boy did it?" Emily suggested.
        "Possibly. Let's go back to our room to think this out."
        Back in the room, Chrissa was complaining while everyone else was thinking. "Kailey, you're dog is shedding, and he is gross."
        "It's not my fault," Kailey said defensively, "And it's not his either." She reached down to pet Sandy's head. "Hey," she said suddenly, "What's under your blanket?" she reached under the old blanket Sandy was lying on and pulled out a sapphire necklace.
         So Sandy 'stole' the gemstones. While Kailey was at classes, he snuck away and found the headmistress's office. The safe had carelessly been left open by a teacher earlier in the day after cleaning them. Sandy had thought they were pretty. Kailey immediately returned the gems and set a new record for amount of times apologizing for something. She didn't get in much trouble, though, because it was the teacher who left the door open's fault, really. That teacher was Miss Yule, who was promptly fired. And from now on, Kailey's pet will be known as Sandy: The Thieving Dog.
Thanks for reading! Bye!

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