Sunday, November 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Kailey!

"Happy Birthday to ME!!!!" Kailey sang as she walked into the cafeteria. After a long morning of pre-season basketball practice, she couldn't wait to have lunch with her friends. When Kailey reached the table where they always sat, however, it was empty. "Hey, what's this?" She wondered alound, picking up a piece of paper. "Kailey:" she read, "Come find us to get your birthday presents! We are all in our favorite places, so it shouldn't be too hard. Signed, Chrissa, Molly, Emily, Kit and Kirsten."

"Let's see, their favorite places. Well, I know that Kit's favorite place, after all, she is my best friend. To the soccor field!"

"Gag me with a spoon, Kit! I found you!" (Kailey is obsessed with the '70's) "I knew you'd be here, every waking moment you're not eating or in class, you're out here practicing!"

"Yes, Kailey, you found me, but I refuse to give you your present until you promise to never say 'Gag me with a spoon' or any other wierd seventies expressions!" "I promise, sorry."

"It's okay. Here's your present, or, more accurately, your first present. I got you a subscription to AG magezine!" "Kit, you're the best! I bet Chrissa will be glad now that I won't be reading over her shoulder when each magazine arrives!" Kit smiled, "I figured that. Did you find anyone else yet?" "Nope, but I think I'll look for Chrissa next, anyone with half a brain knows her favorite place is that bench by the pond thanks to the silly duck she insists is her pet. Come on!"

Sure enough, Chrissa was sitting on the bench with William. "Chrissa!" Kailey yelled, "Hi!!!!" "Hi, Kailey," Chrissa called back. "Come over here, or you won't get your present!"

"Here, I know that other than Julie, Felicity is your favorite american girl doll. I thought you'd like this." "Thanks, Chrissa! I love it! I heard that this book is amazing, I can't wait to read it."

"Well, it looks like you found Kit," Chrissa commented. "Who are you going to look for next?" "I'm not sure, I can't think of where anyone else hangs out all the time." "Oh, come on," Kit said, "What place is Emily obsessed with to the point of insanity?" "The library!" Kailey said, jumping up, "let's go!"

Emily was indeed in the library, reading her favorite book: Gaining Skills With Words. "Howdy, Emily!" Kailey screamed, before being shushed by the librarian. "Hi, Kailey," Emily whispered, "Happy birthday!"

"Here's your present, a connect four game! I remembered that you complained that you were getting tired of playing darts and cards." "You guys know me so well!" Kailey exclaimed quietly, smiling.

"So did you find everyone yet," Emily asked, getting up. "No," Kailey replied, "I haven't found Molly or Kirsten. Maybe Molly's in a different part of the library? She loves mystery books." "She does," Emily agreed, "But I assure you, she isn't here."

"Hey, I've got it!" Kailey yelled, again being shushed by the librarian. "Follow me, and prepare your noses!"
At the barn, Molly was brushing her horse, Diamond's, mane. "Molly!," Kailey screamed, running toward her, "Hi!!"
"Oh, Hi Kailey!" Molly replied, "Happy birthday! Here's your present, a bandana to keep your messy hair that you're always complaining about out of your eyes." "Thanks, I really need this, and I love the leaf pattern!" Molly smiled, "You're welcome."

"From the looks of it, you oly have to find Kirsten, right?" "Yep," Kailey said, "But I can't think of where she might be! She goes all over the place during her free time. Not just to the barn, like you." "Well, I will admit that her hiding place is the hardest one, but really think about."

Suddenly, Kailey knew. "How could I not have thought of that earlier?" she muttered to herself. To everyone else she said, "Come on! I know where she is!"

"I found you, Kirsten!" Kailey said as she walked into the skating part of the sports complex. On the sidelines, Kirsten was sitting polishing her figure skates.

"You did find me! And it looks like you found everyone else, too!" "Yup! Once I really thought about it, it wasn't that hard. You're always doing something with figure skating, whether it's in our dorm or on the glice (Synthetic ice) over there." "Well, I thinkg it's still pretty impressive. Now that you're here, I can give you your last present, a . . . . ."

"Vanilla Icecream Cake! I know it's your favorite! Happy birthday, Kailey!" "Happy birthday!" Everyone echoed. "Thanks, guys," Kailey said, leaning in to blow out the candles.

"What did you wish for?" Chrissa asked. "I'll tell you, since it already came true," Kailey took a dramatic pause, "I wished that I could have the best friends in the world, which you guys are.

 Thanks if you read the whole thing!

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