Saturday, January 8, 2011

Chrissa's Swimming Competition!

Hey people of the world! Chrissa, here! Today I have a swimming competition. I don't like to brag, but I'm an excellent swimmer, which is why I earned a full scholarship here. :) Kailey claims that if she were on the swim team she'd beat me every time, but she's wrong. She may be from California, but I've been competing since first grade.

I need all this stuff and more for my competition. Quite a bit, huh? I carry it all in my Hello Kitty tin thing. I know it's little-kiddish, but my grandma gave it to me before the first swimming competition I ever won, so I keep it.

First I need my sweats so I don't freeze to death waiting for it to be my turn to compete. The sweat pants go in the tin, but I'm going to wear the sweat shirt there so I don't freeze to death outside.

Next I need my bathing suit and swim cap. The cap keeps my hair contained so it doesn't drag in the water and slow me down, in case you were wondering.

I also like to bring my Sham-WOW with me. I use it to wipe down my arms and legs quickly after I get out of the pool. It doesn't work as well as it does in the commercial, but Kailey got it for me for my birthday as a joke gift, so I bring it.

Next my goggles so I don't get water in my eyes. One time I forgot them when I went to practice, and after I swam my eyes got really red and stayed like that for a week. It was pretty painful.

Last but certainly not least is my stuffed duck, Quackers. Most of you know about my obsession with ducks, especially the one that lives in the pond by the community center, William. This stuffed duck is my lucky charm, every time I bring him I do really well.

I also bring my kick board for warm ups, but it doesn't fit in the tin. Now it's time to head to the bus so the rest of the team and I can go to the pool.

Here we are, in the locker room of the pool! Er, give me a minute. I need to change.

There we go! Much better. Now, a little stretching and then down to the pool to warm up. :)

Kick, kick, kick! You need strong leg muscles to be a swimmer! I get them ready to work hard by taking a few laps around the pool on my kick board.

Now for the back stroke, to warm up my arms. You really have to be in good physical shape everywhere to be a competing swimmer.

Hey, look! All my friends are here to cheer me on- even Kailey! They're all waving and shouting good luck at me. Oh, looks like we're about to start.

When the gun sounds (It's not loaded, it's just for the sound) I dive into the pool, thinking about nothing but the other side that is my goal to reach before anyone else.

'Keep on going!' I tell myself, unaware of anything else as I pump my arms. 'Almost there!'

Finally I touch the other end. Looking around, I see that I'm the first! I won!

I pull myself out of the pool, throw my head back and yell: YES!

I receive my award shortly after, with people from my school cheering. Thanks to this win, our school advances to the state championships. We're known as a swimming school, so this isn't unusual but it still feels great. 8D

My best friend Kirsten rushes up to me and throws her arms around me even though I'm still soaking wet. "Chrissa, you were amazing!" she exclaims, and I smile. :)

Thanks for reading! Bye!

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Emma said...

Cute! I love the water, too. I like the locker room, so creative! :) Chrissa's swim gear is adorable, isn't it? Great post, keep it up! I like
your new page, too. Thanks so much for putting me on it!

~*Emma and her dolls*~

Katie said...

Thanks Emma! The water is just a really big piece of blue fabric, and the locker room is just a bathroom. I agree, Chrissa's swim gear is awesome, especially the cute kick board. Of course I put you on my new page, I love your site!

Leanna said...

I LOVED this post! It was so wonderful,your Chrissa is adorable! I wish my blog was as awesome as yours. :)I agree,the locker and water are oh-so cute!