Monday, January 3, 2011

So I've Been Doing Some Detective Work . . . .

Title kinda explains what this post is about. So, I got the new AG catalogue in the mail today. While looking at the special edition mini dolls, I noticed something: There's going to be a new one released every month for a year. There's twelve months in a year, right? There have only been ten historical characters! (Not including best friends, if you did, there would be fifteen) What does this mean? You may ask. Here's what I think: AG is releasing two new historicals! Wouldn't that be so cool! I can't think of any other reasonable explination, if you can, comment and say it.

Oh, also a really cool blog called I Heart American girl (this website) is having a contest to design a GOTY (girl of the year) doll. It's mostly just for fun, but she's giving prizes to the first, second and third place winners! I'm going to enter later this week, when I do I'll post it. Please visit her website and consider entering her contest!

Last but not least, thank you American Girl Dolls Rock for following my blog! I so agree with your name!

Hasta La Vista!

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Emma said...

I'm entering that contest, too! Maybe they are making a Kanani mini dolls and a new Historical?? It was a long shot, I know. :) Well, BYE!!!!!!!