Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My First Contest!

As the title explains, with this post I am begining my very first contest! It's a guessing game, for the next play I'll be doing with my dolls. Twice a week (Tuesday and Saturday) I'll give you a hint as to what play it is going to be. The hint could be anything from a picture to the name of an actor/actress who played the main part in the original professional performance. Once somebody guesses (By commenting) what the play will be correctly, they win! What you're probably all really wondering is WHAT'S THE PRIZE? Well, since this is my first contest, I'll start with a fairly small prize: a blog award (designed by me) and a look at the play a week before everyone else gets to see it! (We'll work out exactly how we'll do this, but I have ideas) I'll also send you sneak peaks occasionally, if you'd like.

Here's the first hint:
It's a musical!

The hints will get better as the contest progresses.

One more thing, this contest has a few rules:
1. Have your parent's permission; if you win you will most likely have to give me your e-mail address. (I will not share it, and I won't e-mail you after the contest if you do not want me to.)
2. Don't guess more than once per clue, please! If you do guess more than once on the same clue, I will delete the second and if it's right, it will not count.
3. If two people guess the right play on the same clue, I will give the prize to the person who posted the comment first. Why? Because that's the only fair way I see. (The second person could have seen the first person's guess and just guessed it for that reason.)

Please enter! Thank you!



Hannah said...

High School Musical! Hannah

Katie said...

Good guess, but no. :) Thanks for entering, Hannah!

American Girl Dolls Rock!! said...

Thanks for commenting on our channel!! I will most try to put up photos when we come home from disney, but we are not going for a few months yet, thanks for being an awesome blogger!!

Emma said...

Camp Rock?

Katie said...

No, but thanks for entering, Emma!
AGDR (can I call you that?) You're welcome, but I commented because I love your site! I can't wait to see your pictures, even if it's not for a couple of months. You're an awesome blogger, too!

Emma said...

Hmmmmm.... Annie? It's a long shot, i know. :)

~*Emma and her dolls*~

~Quinlyn~ said...

The Sound of Music? :D