Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Adventures Of Kit Hood And Her Merry Men

     Kit was bored. Soccer season was over, Kailey was at basketball practice, Chrissa at swim practice, Kirsten at the frozen pond skating. Molly and Emily had gone to Illinois to visit their families for the weekend. 'What to do, what to do,' she thought, pacing in her dorm room. 'Write a letter to Charlie? No I did that yesterday. Call up Stirling or Ruthie? No, Stirling's working and Ruthie's at her grandmother's house. Take Coconut for a walk? No, he hates the cold.' Kit sat down on the couch. "I've got it!" she yelled, jumping up. "I'll read my Robin Hood book. I'm never bored when I'm doing that." Kit crawled under her bed and came back out with her bag. She pulled her favorite story out of it and started reading. Immediately she was whisked away to another world . . . . . . . . . . .
      "Robin!" Somebody called, "Robin Hood!" Kit turned to the source of the voice. "Ah, Little John. What news have you?" The man standing in front of Kit was huge.
      "Not good news, I'm afraid," Little John replied sadly. "Today the Sheriff of Nottingham took ten pounds from the tailor, Mr. Honus. Said some nonsense about not paying his taxes."
      "We cannot let this be!" Kit cried. "We must get Mr. Honus's money back. He's a good man. Has a wife and eight little ones. They can use every little bit. Let us be off." Kit grabbed her bow and quiver of arrows and took off down the path through Sherwood Forest.
      "Off where, Robin?" Little John asked, close behind.
      "To the sheriff's castle- where else? Tonight, under the cover of darkness, we will get Mr. Honus his money back."
      That night, Kit sat with Little John just outside the Castle gates. "You know that plan," Kit whispered. Little John nodded and tip-toed away. Kit counted to one hundred, then lit the tip of an arrow on fire and fired it straight up into the sky. She then hurried away, knowing that some of the sheriff's knights would be on the scene any moment. The arrow was a distraction, so that Little John could get what he needed. Kit had not been running long when the two of them met up.
      "Here it is, Robin," Little John muttered, handing her a ring of keys. "The guard left them on a hook when he rushed to find the arrow."  "Thank you, Little John." Kit then slipped away and made her way to the castle gate. She hoisted herself over and continued to the fortress ahead of her. The second key she tried fit the main door. Kit tip-toed up the stairs, then down a long hallway, looking for a certain door. Finally, she found it. The door was unlocked, and Kit slipped in. This was the Sheriff's bedroom. Kit knew he kept all of his money in here while he slept. She picked up ten pounds in coins off of his night stand, no more, no less, and then hurried out of the room, down the hallway, down the stairs, over the gate, and toward Sherwood forest.
      She was just about to shout the good news to Little John, who was up ahead, when she heard something.
      "Hi Kit!" Kit looked up from her book and saw that Kailey had just returned from practice.
      "Oh, hey Kailey."
      "So what have you been doing here all day?" Kailey asked.
     "Oh, just day dreaming."


Emma said...

Are you still there?

Katie said...

Do you mean is Kit still in Sherwood forest? No, she isn't. She was just day dreaming and Kailey brought her out of it.

Emma said...

Awesome!! Kit sure has great daydreaming abilities! Great story. :-)

~*Emma and her dolls*~