Thursday, December 23, 2010

All About Kirsten

Hello! It's Kirsten. Thank you so much to whoever voted for me on Katie's poll! Sorry it took so long to do a post about it, Katie had to show me how and she's been busy, but Christmas break started today and she has lots of time. :) Anyway, I'm very flattered that I received a vote! Here are some pictures of me and a little about me . . . . .
Hej! That's Swedish for 'Hello'! My name is Kirsten Victoria Larson and I go to school at Pleasantview Academy. I earned a full scholarship for figure skating. The first time I touched blade to ice was when I could barely walk and I've loved it ever since. Last year, I came in tenth place at the US junior competition!

As I just said, skating is just about my life, so I spend alot of time doing things related to skating, like stretching. I'm very, very flexible. If I could meet any of the AG dolls, I'd like to meet Mia because she loves skating, too. I wonder if she can land a double axle . . . . .

For clothes I am VERY true to my time period (1800's). The only time I don't wear something period-accurate is when I'm skating. Otherwise, I love my meet and school dress, as well as my birthday dress in the summer and my St. Lucia Day dress in December.

Speaking of St. Lucia Day, that's my favorite holiday! It amazes my how little people know about the holiday, like that it celebrates a real person name Lucia who lived in Italy and gave money to the poor, but was tried as a witch and burned at the stake. Years later, she appeared in Sweden helping people during a great famine. The White of my dress represents that Lucia was pure, and the red sash represents that her blood was spilled when she was executed.

Även om jag bor i amerikansk, jag är ursprungligen svenska. He, he :) I doubt anyone knows what I just said, so I'll translate for you. Although I live in America, I am originally Swedish. My doll, Sari reminds me of this because of the dirndl she wears. I used to have a dirndl myself, that I wore while crossing the Atlantic, but I outgrew it.

Sari is one of my most prised possessions without a doubt. My other most prized possession is my friendship quilt that my friends here at the Pleasantvile Academy made for me when I first came here. I'd have taken a close-up of it, but it has Katie's last name on it and she doesn't wish to share what that is.

I'm what you call a 'bonnet-head', or someone who LOVES the Little House series. Laura is a great role model for anyone, and her stories remind me of my old life in Minnesota, in some ways. I also like the TV show Little House On The Prairie, though it isn't much like the books. Unfortunately, Hallmark cancelled it. :(

My absolute favorite of the Little House books is 'Little House In The Big Woods', the first one. The part where Laura receives her rag doll reminds me of the day, years ago, when I was given Sari. I got her on Christmas day, just like Laura got hers.

I love music and play the piano in the little spare time I have. I'm not great, but I enjoy it and that's what really matters. The song I'm best at is 'It's a Small World', and sometimes I'll kind of forget that there are other people around and get on their nerves by playing it over and over and over. I try not to do that, though.

Well, that's me in a nutshell. Thanks for reading about me, and thank you again to who voted for me on Katie's poll. I think she plans to do a post like this for all of us, so stay tuned for that.
~Kirsten Victoria Larson

PS: Don't forget to come here tomorrow to see what the drama club has in store! What you're going to see was really fun to do and I personally enjoyed being one who dwelled on 'the past'. (Oops, maybe I shouldn't have said that! ;) 

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