Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Mysterious Night- Part 2

Sorry it took so long to post this! You woudn't believe how busy I've been. Anyway, here it is:
Chrissa, Emily and Kirsten carefully made their way to the library, where Kailey might have stopped to get out of the rain. Once there, they began looking around.

"Uh, this is impossible," Emily exasperated, "I can't see a thing. Why did Kit and Molly get the flashlight anyway?" "Because we," Chrissa replied from across the room, "Are inside and can . . . ."

". . . .turn on the light" "Oh, yeah." Emily said, embarrased.

"Do you think maybe Kailey's hiding from us, to get a laugh or something?" Kirsten asked, getting on her knees to check behind a bookshelf. "You know, that would be just like Kailey," Chrissa said. Suddenly, a loud voice rang out: "HEY! WHO'S IN THERE? THE LIBRARY IS CLOSED!"

"Ol' Mr. Nat, the custodian!" Emily exclaimed, "I forgot we're not really supposed to be out of bed. Let's get out of here!"

Meanwhile, outside, Molly and Kit were looking around. "Do you see anyone?" Kit asked tensely. "No," Molly replied, "And stop walking up my back. Nothing's going to jump out and bit your head off." Suddenly, there was a low, ghostly moan.

"Did you hear that?" Kit trembled.

"It was just the wind."

Then there was a low, scratchy voice, "Please help me," it begged. "A-and I suppose that was just the wind, too?" Kit asked.

"Oh yes, of course," Molly said briskly, "But, you know what? I don't think Kailey is here anyway, so let's go." "No arguments there," Kit said, following close behind.

A ways away, the other girls had gone to the science classroom, which was decorated for the class's latest unit, Arctic and Antarctic plants and animals. "Oh, where's the dumb light switch?" Chrissa muttered, groping around. "Here it is! Let's look around."

"Hmmm, Kailey's not back here," Kirsten annouced, peering behind a penguin.

"Or under here," Chrissas said, lifting up the corner of the table cloth, "Though, in hindsight, she wouldn't have fit here anyway."

"Hey, do hear that?" Emily asked, putting her hand to her ear.

"Hear what?" Suddenly, a low, almost unearthly moan echoed through the room. Then a low, scratchy voice, "Oh please, please help me!"

"W-w-what w-was th-that?" Kirsten stutterd.  
"I don't know, but I'm not sticking around to find out!" Emily screamed, bolting to the door, with the others close behind.

Stay tuned for part three! I promise it won't be as long a wait this time. Also, thank you to those who voted on my poll, I'll put up a new one when I think of a new question.
PS I still don't know how to rotate pictures on blogger, and I'll need it for a later part of this photo story. If you know how to rotate it please, please PLEASE leave a comment saying how. Thank you!


mary said...


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Katie said...

Thanks Mary! That website is really cool, though it might be a bit creepy to have a doll that looks exactly like you lol! :)