Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Theif Stikes Again!

Hi! My camera is not cooperating and isn't letting me download pictures. :( :( :( :( However, here's a short story to make up for my recent lack of posts. Enjoy!

           It was a quiet day in the library. Emily was doing some homework, Molly and Kit were having a quiet argument over who the better side kick is, Bess or George, and Kirsten was looking through the directory for a book on Michele Kwan, her hero. Chrissa quietly slipped through the door and hurried to the other girls.
           "Guys!" she whispered urgently, "You have to come back to our dorm, and quick!"
          "What is it?" Molly asked, temporarily forgetting her argument.
          "Well, Sandy got out of our room again and when she came back, well, you'll see." Chrissa responded, tugging on Molly's shirt. "Come on, let's go!"
          Back in room 243, Kailey was pacing back and forth. "This is bad," She said, "This is bad, bad, bad!"
          "Kailey, I'm sure it's not what it looks like. We'll figure out what really happened, don't worry," Kit said, trying to comfort her best friend. As it turned out, Sandy had returned home with her paws and snout absolutely covered with what looked like blood.
            " Oh, Kit! What else could it be! It isn't ketchup, and it isn't tomato sauce, what else could it be?"
            "Fake blood, maybe?" Kirsten suggested, "The other day I heard Gabby saying that in the chemistry club they made this solution that when mixed with red food coloring has almost the same color and consistency as blood. It sounded really cool, Gabby was going on and on about it."
            "Oh, yeah," Emily said smiling, "That was cool, and fun to make."
            "Or it could be animal blood, I mean I don't think it's against school rules for a dog to kill a squirrel or something," Chrissa added. Kailey gave her a dirty look. "Right, animal lover. Sorry."
            "I'm just worried because Sandy already got into those jewels. I don't think another accident would be appreciated by the headmistress."
            "Kailey, the headmistress knows that wasn't Sandy's fault." Emily said encouragingly, "And we will figure this out. How long was Sandy out?"
            "Well, she was here when I left for basketball practice, about two hours ago, and came back about fifteen minutes ago. That means she was gone for no more than and hour and forty five minutes." Kailey said slowly.
             "She couldn't have gone very far in that amount of time," Chrissa pointed out.
            "Right," Emily agreed, "Whatever happened must have happened on the school grounds."
            "So far as I know," Kailey said, "No one's seen a dead squirrel or chipmunk lying around."
           Suddenly, Emily's phone started ringing. She grabbed it out of her backpack and flipped it open. "Hey Gabby! What's- Oh, really?" Everyone leaned over toward her. "Paw prints? That's strange." Emily started to walk to the couch, and everyone followed. On the way, Kirsten tripped over Sandy's basket, and sent something flying. After looking at it closer she saw it was microscope slide. Emily turned around. "Uh, Gabby, you wouldn't believe this, but I think I just found your answer!"
          As it turned out, Sandy had gotten into the classroom where the chemistry club met. They hadn't been able to clean everything up, and the custodian hadn't been in there yet. Sandy had gotten the fake blood all over herself, just as Kirsten had suggested. Sandy had then stolen the microscope slides, because they were shiny. Kailey gave them back and the chemistry club promised not to say anything to anyone, but Sandy's reputation as the thieving dog remains.
Thanks for reading!   

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