Friday, December 31, 2010

Kanani! (And some other stuff)

So we're all waiting to see what the new GOTY (Girl of the Year) will be like. For those of you who don't know, her name is Kanani (Hence the title of this post) and she's Hawaiian. You can read the back cover of her first book (Aloha, Kanani!) here and see the front cover of her second book (Good Job Kanani!) here at the Barnes and Noble website. That's not really what this is about, though. On American Girl Dolls Forever (A blog I just found and highly recommend to AG lovers), there are pictures of the doll Kanani! Here are some of them: (I do not own these pictures, they belong to American Girl Dolls Forever. Please visit their blog!)
Beautiful Kanani! Isn't her dress gorgeous? I thought her eyes would be darker, but that's okay. The hazel looks great, too. Her hair looks like it has a slight curl, which I love on dolls. The flower is great, too. :)
I absolutely ADORE the hula outfit. Last year my school had a thing where we could all dress in Hawaiian clothes, and a lady came and taught us the hula. One of the costumes she wore looked alot like this, so I guess it's accurate. There's also a glimpse of her PJ's on the rights. Aren't they cute?

Another really cool thing is that AG is going to be releasing  . . . . . . . .
Special edition mini dolls!!!! How cool is that? (Again, I do not own this picture- American Girl Dolls Foever does) They're going to release a two new ones every two months. (I think) It looks like it's going to be the girls in their holiday finery! I bet Kirsten will be in the second batch, because Felicity and Samantha are in the first. This looks super cool!



Emma said...

SOOOO cool! She's so pretty! Can't wait to see the mini dolls, too. :)

American Girl Dolls Rock!! said...

thank you so much for giving the link to my blog!! I followed yours, could you follow our blog back? Thanks so much and I love your blog!!