Monday, December 13, 2010

Happy St. Lucia Day!

Hi everyone! It's Kirsten here, wishing you a wonderful St. Lucia Day. St Lucia Day is my favorite day of the whole year because it's a traditional holiday celebrated in Sweden, where I'm from. Last night Emily, Chrissa and I made some St. Lucia Day buns. They are delicious and just about the best pastry breakfast thing ever! It's traditional to have raisins in them, but I don't like raisins and neither does anyone else, so I decided to leave them out. Anyway, very early this morning I got up, heated up the buns, made some hot chocolate (coffee is traditional, but nobody really likes coffee here) and woke everyone up. After we ate, we got an early start on the day by getting ready for classes and working on our secret santa gifts. What did you do for St. Lucia Day?

Here are traditional St. Lucia Day buns called Lussekatter.

Here's a picture of me wearing my St. Lucia Day gown that Katie found. (She didn't have time to take picture of our celebration.)
~Kirsten Larson

PS: I can't tell you too much, but here's a hint about what's coming on Christmas Eve: The drama club has been very active lately. :)

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