Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Mysterious Night- Part 3

 Unfortunately, my camera randomly deleted some of the pictures from my photo story. This really stinks, because these pictures were of Molly and Kit finding Kailey at the old tool shed at the edge of the campus. They heard the voice again, and fled. I'm really sorry this happened, but I don't know why or how it did. Anyway, here's the rest of the photo story:

"I think we lost it," Molly said after running for awhile. "We're safe."
"Yeah," Kailey said, "And I think I know where we are. This pole and spigot thing is, I think . . . .

*Sorry, I still don't know how to rotate pictures!*
 . . . . part of the sprinkler system for the softball field by the sports center." "Are you sure?" Kit asked.

"Sure as I can be. Now come on! I think I can get us to the sports center from here."

Meanwhile, Emily, Kirsten and Chrissa were looking for Kailey in the Cafeteria, as they didn't know Molly and Kit had found her.

"She's not hiding from us under here!" Kirsten called to the others.

"I don't see anything back here, either. Do you Chrissa?"

"Nope, nothing but crumbs from dinner."

"Maybe we should just give up. Honestly, if Kailey is playing a prank on us, we probably wouldn't find her. She's too good at hiding."

"You're right Chrissa. I bet she's asleep in some nook only she knows about in the sports complex or something."

""Now wait just a dogon minute. What if Kailey isn't playing a prank on us? What if she's really lost and can't get back to out dorm for some reason?" Kirsten walked over to Emily.
"Emily, would Kailey give up looking for you?"

"No, she wouldn't. You're really the one who's right Kirsten. I'm sorry."

"I'm sorry, too." Chrissa said, walking over. "And you know what? I know the next place we're going to look. To the sports complex!"

"You were right, Kailey!" Kit exclaimed. "I think I know where we are now, too."

"Well, if you think we're at the back wall of the softball field, the one that surround the outfield, then you're right."

"So that means the sports complex is this way!" Molly said, pointing. "That's right! From the sports complex we it's just a short walk back to our dorm."

Inside the sports complex, the other girls were looking around. They had looked thoroughly through the basketball gym with no success, so now they were in the swimming and diving section because, being from California, she loves swimming and boogie boarding.

"Hmm, not many hiding places here," Chrissa pointed out, looking at the lone boogie board. "Now that I think about it, this is too obvious a place for Kailey to hide, anyway."
"Well, we mustn't be discouraged. Let's go look in some of Kailey's friends' dorms. Maybe they know where she is."
On the porch outside, Kailey, Molly and Kit were Happily celebrating that they were almost back to their dorm. "Hot chocolate as soon as we get back!" Kailey exclaimed.

"What was that?" Emily asked nervously. " Oh, just the wind. Let's keep moving." Chrissa replied.
"OOF!" Everyone yelled as they accidentally walked into each other.

"Chrissa!" Kailey laughed. "It's good to see you. "It's good to see you, too, Kailey! We thought you might be playing a joke on us." "Ha Ha! I wouldn't put it past myself." Suddenly, that low, scratchy voice sounded again. "Wait!" It pleaded.
"Wh-what was that?" Chrissa asked. "We heard it before, in the science room." "I heard it, too." Kailey said, "Out by the shed near the edge of the campus."

"Whatever it is," Kirsten said, "Let's get out of here!"

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" "Hey, slow down!" Kit screamed.

"OOF! Guys! Wait up, I fell!" Kit heard footsteps behind her.

"Excuse me, miss?" The low, scratchy voice said behind her. "I think your friend dropped this."

Kit turned around and saw a young girl in a white nightgown holding Molly's flashlight.

"Oh, why yes. Thank you. Who are you exactly?" Kit said, astonished.

The other girls had come back and were listening to the girl. "My name is Nellie. I'm in fifth grade, but I skipped a grade, which is why I'm so small." "Why are you out here all by yourself?" Molly asked, "We thought you were a ghost!" "I'm looking for the infirmary, I have a really bad sore throat, which is why my voice is so low and scratchy. I'm sorry if I scared you, I didn't mean to."

"It's okay," Chrissa said with a smile. "And if all you're looking for is the infirmary, then follow me. This time, I think we all know exactly were we're going!"

I hope you enjoyed it! Nellie is a porcelain doll that I got at a flea market about a year ago. I named her Nellie because I thought she looked like she was from Samantha's time period. She might be in occasional photo stories, but not very ofter because her hair is almost impossible to fix after it gets messed up. Also, sometime today I plan to add to my dolls' profiles, so please check it out. Thanks!
PS: I have a really awesome Christmas surprise that I will be putting up on December 24th. :) Happy Advent.

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